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I have one new Print

Have you guys seen my donation pool?
It's kinda like a commission thing, but there's no set price, and I'll make a sketch for everypony who donates, no matter the amount.
I'm trying to get a premium, so if you could, please, check it out, that'd be amazing!
Thank you!
Have you ever heard of blind bags? If you haven't, then, um, keep reading. They're these 1"-1.5" little plastic molded ponies, and they're adorable! Anyway, I bought 3 at Wal-Mart today, and I decided (since I know how) to customize one of them into one of my followers' OC, and sell it! So, technically, I'm opening exactly 1 commission spot. The first to comment will get it!

And here are the details:
*$10 each, no s&h (if you think this is expensive, check out some others, they're >$50)
*and I'm using a Pinkie Pie mold, so keep this in mind.

Like I said, the first to comment will get the spot, so watch your "Notes," 'cause I'll send one within the day.

Other than that, that's pretty much it; if you want a commission or art trade, check out my older "Commissions" journal, here:…

~Doodle Doo, out!
Hi all, I'm looking for some one to commission twilight sparkle plushie in January 2013
I would like to get  a list of commissioners and their prices.
I'm looking something about 14-18incs tall
I would like twilight to be dressed as juliet from lollipop chainsaw

Show examples of your work and what material you use!

I'm on a tight budget, so I only have $175 US

leave me a comment ^^

Thanks :hug:
Hi all, I have noticed that most of the members are plushies makers!

I would like to give some info on want to do and want not to do!

1) Don't go asking how much is a plush (example: How much would it be for a fluttershy plush?) Plushie makers get this all the time! I bet it's very annoying for them!  
Look on there commissions journal!  

2) No faking to buy a Plush!!! (Example: I would like to buy that Applejack your selling, 2 days later I was only kidding!)
This is not ok! The plushie maker put lots of time into the plush and they don't want you trolling them!

3) Tips on saving up!

When you get you payed, put a small amount ($2 or $5) in a jar or box, labeled "Pony Plush" over time, that small amount will grow into a big amount of money!
(example I make 20 a week, I put $5 in the jar. In 12 weeks I have $60 in the jar, or I could put $1 a day in the jar in 2 months I have $60 in a year I have $365 !)

If your not old enough for a part time job, ask your mum and dad if their is some thing you can do to get some more "pocket money." Your could also: open a cake stand, cut peoples grass, walk the neighbors dogs and babysit. I would recommend that you put all of the money you make in to a jar or box, labeled "Pony Plush" and give it to your mum or dad to keep safe until you have the right amount of money for the pony plush. This why their will be no temptation to spend the money on some thing that you did not need.

4) Here are some Pony plushies makers and their work!

:iconwhitedove-creations:   My Little Derpy Filly by WhiteDove-Creations Rarity, The Yellow Is For Our Capes, I'm Sorry by WhiteDove-Creations Too Much Work, Not Enought Hours in the Day by WhiteDove-Creations

commissions journal: whitedove-creations.deviantart…

:iconchibi-pets:   Sleeping Fluttershy by Chibi-pets Baby Pinkie with a pal by Chibi-pets The Great and Powerful Trixie by Chibi-pets

Selling Journal:

:iconsherbet-boo: :thumb332181429: :thumb330191542:

commissions journal: No commissions yet

:iconbitterxtea: :thumb329820099: :thumb330566735: :thumb329169422:


:iconqueenbeeplush: :thumb325676472: :thumb321260091: :thumb311955284:

commissions journal:

:iconoback-barama: :thumb328022401: :thumb322240289: :thumb321243150:

commissions journal (closed):

:iconmanlystitches: Fluttershy #2 by ManlyStitches Octavia #1 by ManlyStitches Twilight Sparkle #1 by ManlyStitches

commissions journal (closed):…

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